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Graveyard Mafia 

We are Graveyard Mafia Hearse Club of the East Coast; A chapter of Graveyard Mafia California. In 2009 our family gave us rights to start building an East Coast chapter. For us a hearse club isn't about how many members we have, it's about building a family. Our love for our coaches led us to start this chapter of the club.

Right now we are a small club, building our family one amazing person at a time. We do some local car shows and we hosted The Hearse and Creepy car Show at Spooky Empire for several years and are always looking for a new adventure. Watching the club grow over the last 12 years has been awesome, between meeting amazing people, celebrities and our familia it is something we will never give up.

Starting out has definitely been a journey, but we would not trade it for anything. Our coaches are our way of life as Robey has a 1976 Cadillac Superior and Melissa has a 1975 Cadillac M&M combo. We have put in a lot of blood, sweat, tears and money to make them what they are today. There is always a challenge but it is worth every ounce of effort.

We want to thank Mia Familia Graveyard Mafia California for everything. They gave us a lot to make this possible, the very foundation of who we are and the values we stand for.

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